Thursday, 9 June 2011


I'm pretty annoyed anyd tired. Again.
Well... It's because of test from Math. I really didn't get it. I hope, I'll pass. I must learn more. I'm ill - I have PROCRASTINATION!!
And it's fu**ing frustrating!

So - I must learn now. But I wanna play RP. This whole day was about nothing again, y' know. My mum seems to be agressive more than i thought. I did nothing to her and she was angry again. Well... my backs remember that thrashing from wednesday.
I had to lie to doctors. I had to switch between my childhood doctor and doctor for mature ppl. They've seen my wounds. I lied. I said I was wounded in  "medieval battle". But it's really long time when I was in battle.

I have battlefield at home. My mum is sometimes so sweet, but sometimes really cruel. Huh - I should learn. I've lost my consetration.

PS: Aaaw~ This model is so cute!!

I wanna have her body and Kami-sama's hair! (MM) ... an her dress~~


  1. Hold on, dear. It's difficult these days, for everyone :( we have to keep our fingers crossed for each other and - we have our dreams, at least. Our dreams are our freedom and hope when we're down...

  2. *wrote Sandie :P :)

  3. Aaaw~ Thank you, my dear ~ :)


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