Thursday, 11 August 2011

Long time no read

Hey! Here I am again.


A can say, that everything in my life is goin' pretty good.

I passed exams.


I have job! In police kitchen!


And we, in my family, found out how to comunicate with ourselfs. Well... sometimes we argue... but that's all. My mum didn't hurt me recently... sooo...

But life's borin', if nothing bad happen. Headchef has really annoyin' and cruel personality. She's ... how to say it... primitive?
But even if I am angry, I won't do anything. She's leaving soon anyway.

So this post must be really happy. And there's noting more than HAPPATAI~~~

And KIRIYU!!!! 

Ok... ok... I'm chotto... erm... motto.... crazy. But I love it xD

... to be continued....


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