Friday, 4 May 2012

Back in black

I know I didn't care about this blog for a long time.

I live. That's the main point.

But it's a few days ago i wanted to kill myself. Cut my veins. But I didn't. I took my pills and I didn't feel anything. I was just lying on my bed and doin' nothing.

My mental health suddenly crashed. Well.... it's not soo suddenly. I have many reasons. I can't tell.

Sooo... I started to eat, thanks to my sis Miku-chan! Thank you, honey. She was there for weekend and we bought pizza.

And now is time to show something nice...

Oh... I also started with Lai-chan, one of my best friends, learn industrial dancing. She's pretty good in it. I wanna too T^T
I wanna look soooo cool too!! O.o
I quess this will never happen. But I can try.

Aaaaw~~~ Wanna go on this PARRTTYYYY~~~

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