Sunday, 6 May 2012


Well... I really hate, when I know, who will say this and this. If you understand what I mean.... I really don't know, what made her so angry... I just felt bad, blue, sad.
I need them. I don't wanna feel alone!!

When I'm alone, I'm falling down. I know I'm bad person, so can't be only with myself. I'm breaking myself.

I'm like kid... Can't stop communicate.

But I'm going to move in nature for few days. There's no mobile signal, no internet. There will be only paper, black ink, music and me.

Will I survive?

That's the question.

I hope, it will rain. I love, when it rains there.

I wanna draw manga... But what if I realize, I have no talent... that I'm incompetent?
Maybe I will not eat there. It will be .... real mayhem.

And that question...
Will I survive?

Will I survive?

I do not know.


Maybe it will looks like this: xDD I hope nooo... But yeah... it will be real fight...

Maybe I deserve this...
Friend of mine asked me today, if I belive in karma... I guess I do belive. I made ppl cry and sad in my past. It was all my fault. And here it comes... here it comes back. Repay.

 I also wanted write something more. But I forgot...

I wanna apologize... to everyone... for everything. I wanna apologize to myself, that I'm so weak. That even if I was hurting ppl, I was also taking care of them and I wasn't looking after... myself. MYSELF. I know, I haven't and I will never care about myself in my true ME.

That's what is breaking me.

Noooo... just kidding. I'm always really selfish. I wanna make everyone feel sorry for me....

I'm dispensable like everyone else on this planet.

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