Sunday, 6 May 2012

Scared scared scared


Spammer is here again...

I wanted talk to him. Tell him everything. Make things clear. He wasn't answering. But suddenly, he wrote me today. He will arrive to Prague. But this fact have scared me and I'm kinda in panic. Well... maybe he will not arrive. He promised those things soo many times and never fulfilled.... So maybe I'm panicing for no reason...

I wanted to listen some of my j-rock collection. I've chosen CROWS. Because we talked about them with Iri recently. So I looked for their newer albums.
And I've been suddenly shocked again!

What the hell... they did to themselfs?! O.o

I loved their album covers, I loved their image, I loved their music of course.... And suddenly... When (or where?!) did THIS hapenned?

See for yourself:

From this:

 toooooo this:

Well... my second reaction was: "Whoa! Gunji is really cool in his new image!!!" <3

They wanna be punkers or what? 

But for some reason it's cool. I feel like they are showing us their true themselfs. Stay Gold is really not bad song. But somehow it's too mainstream for me. It has young sound, quitars still little bit hard, that "scraping" DJ sound reminds me Linkin Park a lot, sound of voice lil'bit like light version of ScReW or GazettE had (sorry Yutan-san T^T) . 
Eternal disappointed me a lot. What is that begining of song? O.o "Do I really listen to calm sound?"
Wellkieee.... I like calm sounds... But CROWS shouldn't be calm-sweet-love-hearts. TT^TT

I better listen to their dark bass and hard quitars sound~

Well... for me it's this single from January little failure. I hope they will show something more and better ^^

But hell yeah... Yunosuke is still 'sekushi'...

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