Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Enjoying my life I

Soo... maybe you're asking how is it goin' with my ex-boyfriend (of course you're not, because nobody reads this blog xD)
Well, I haven't seen him since he left. He stills owe me money and still writing me, how he's sending those money for me. I'm just laughting to his lies.

SO I STARTED ENJOYING MY LIFE. Did I sleep all that times when I was teen? Hell yeah. Now I'm enjoying parties, even if I don't have money. But so what? We live only once. And money isn't everything.

I've also lost my weight (6-7 kg). I'm trying sport every day (roller-blading)!

Before exams:
(on EBM Oldschool party)

With my cousin:

(ready for Necropolis)
(ready for Lai's birthday party)

I love my green hair extensions! xD

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