Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Enjoying my life II ACE+Anli Pollicino

Sooo.... 21. 7. 2012 was concert in Prague in Matrix club. J-rock and visual kei came in Prague again~
I was really enjoying that show. But day before I was on party in Necropolis with Lai-chan and other buddies and.... wellkieee.... got drunk.
So I felt lil'bit dizzy xD

I was (as always) disillusioned, because of number of kids there. OMG

First one was support. Anli Pollicino.
They were cool and I like them more than ACE . Shidy was really cool!! I really like their attitude. They were trying to speak in czech! I was like: Whoa!
Next were ACE~
Well... to tell the truth, I don't like egoistic gestures of their singer. But yeah, it's ok, because it's part of show. Anyways - I like them only because of Rookie (his violin made me cry, really. He played part of Má vlast created by Smetana):
Well, I was enjoying anyway. After show, there was autograph session. I hadn't tickets (my sister had both) and I didn't want their autographs, because I have small room full of things and it they gived me autographs on paper, there will be only dust on them in my room.

And sooo.. Lai-chan came with crazy idea. I had a deep neckline (It was only covered with aristo scarf). So quess what...? I WAS SOOO NERVOUS!
But they all write there their names! xD
Shindy was really surprised... well... everyone has been surprised! :D (I will not write who, but one of them said, that: "It's so soft." Aaaw~)

So here's the result:

Oh! And I have hoodie from SEX POT REVENGE!! I'm pretty proud on it xD

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