Wednesday, 25 July 2012

No work, no time ~

Yo there! I hadn't time lately.
I quit work! Yay! I know I know, that I was really happy about my work at first time, because I found a job. BUT!
It was really hard work (it doesn't really matter to me) and people there were so cruel (gossip and slender too much T^T) - that was my problem. My problem was my co-workers. Blah!

I also had to quit because of exams! But I passed!! YATTA!! I passed all 10 exams!!!
But I really needed time.

Anyways... my holidays in nature weren't so creative as I wanted them to be. I drew only 3 pages of manga. Bad, bad. I'm in artistic slump.
But I have to draw (I HAVE TO DO WHOLE ART in one game. And I don't have nothing. My "co-workers" will kill me >.>)

I also became actress in one of non-famous theater group Alt_R
It's quite fun. But sometimes I'm really nervous on rehearsals...

PS: My holidays in nature were great! I wanted to be out of civilization, but there was a concert in Litomyshl.  Friend invited me there, so I came.
It was cool metal band DYMYTRY! We had great time!

Also support progressive-punk band wasn't bad! Singer (UK) did real magic with his bass guitar! I like them, because they can do cool music only with bass g. and drums!

Well... British music quality is high quality. 

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