Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dark mori and ... something :D

Hi guys. So here I am again. Today I and Miss Daphne went to the vet. She's getting better, I'm so glad! So I just put some clothes on me, because I was in hurry. So it's kinda... well.... dark mori with ... uhm ... "something" : D
I wanna be more lighter, but I can't still buy a thing, because I can sew and I'm waiting for the fabrics from my aunt. I have no idea which fabrics she's planning to give. So I can't buy even second hand clothes because I don't know how my models will look like.

And now another second-hand natural, mori, yama and lil'bit of dolly inspiration. Every piece is not more expensive than cca 10$ (US) or 7-8€ (EU). Few of them are cool, few of them not. BUT if you can combine in a right way, I think lots of them would look ingeniously.

Bye~ for today.

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