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How to Be Henned

So. As I wrote recently, I use henna to dye my hair. So here is the review how to dye (and not die). I will show you how can you create great mask for your hair. I have short hair and problem with loss of hair. This is helping me a lot. (But I didn't make it for the three months and my hair has started to fall again. My fault.)

What do you need?
 - bowl and spoon (no metal; for mixing can be used something else instead of spoon)

 - pure henna
 - amla
 - shikakai
 - honey
 - ground coffee
 - spices: sweet pepper
 - oils (I used Ayurveda oil)
 - boiled water
 - lemons

 - pair of plastic gloves
 - old towel
 - scissors
 - plastic cap, plastic bag or cling film
 - vaseline

1. Pour the henna in a bowl. Just 50 grams of pure henna for hair shoulder length. I got my hair even shorter, so I poured henna less. 
I know a lot of people are afraid of using natural hair dyes. First, they are afraid of the result and also spread various messages between hairstylists and in the media that henna is harmful and destroys the hair. It's not quite true. Not everything what is sold under the name Henna is actually natural . If you will not add to henna different not just health-promoting substances that can really ruin your hair and cause even more damage than just locally. As one example, I will color Venita Henna Color, which for us was imported from Poland and contained some substance in concentrations higher than it is allowed so it is associated with a higher risk of bladder cancer. But that's nothing compared to chemical hair dye. Particularly at danger are hairdressers who work daily with chemistry . In Los Angeles in 2001 published a study that showed that women who dye their hair by chemical hair dye at least once a month, the risk of bladder cancer increased 2.1 times . If they do so for more than 15 years , increases the risk 3.3 times .
When I talk about henna, I mean really pure natural henna , respectively henna mixed with other herbs that have coloring and regenerative effects. Henna itself does not damage any visible hair . Rather, it says that the hair is wrapped and protected from the weather. The only harmful effect that I know is that after some time it can be starter for an allergy. The hair damage can occur if the henna is combined with a chemical dye which opens up the hair fiber so henna, which is only on the surface of the pile, gets inside in this case. Therefore, discoloration or chemical henna colors may not turn out well .
This indicates that the henna and chemical dye needs to keep a distance of at least three months. I do not recommend combining henna with chemistry at all. Especially not bright colors. The result can be green. 
Henna does not lighten hair and dyes everyone a little different, but always with a little ginger shades, even dark and black shades. After the first henning the result may not be too much visible. Better catch quality henna. Praised are brands like Logona , Urtekram , Henne Color Paris or just Lush. But they are pretty expensive, so I'm using egyptian Five Fives. 

(If you must breathe, try to NOT breathe deeply. All these plants are very finely crushed and it's not pleasant when you take a deep breath! Be careful!)

2. Add Amla powder. Amla is a natural hair conditioner which leaves your hair shiny, flexible and elastic.
It also stimulates hair roots and it's is very useful for stopping hair loss. Powder slows graying of hair and reduces dandruff. It can be added to your favorite henna to enhance the regenerative properties of henna

3. Add Shikakai powder. This is a brilliant product for hair dry, brittle, weak, thin, lifeless hair thin which has tendency to dandruff. Shikakai strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth significantly. The hair is after washing, solid and shiny. 

4. Add coffee. It will make darker shade. Caffeine stimulates the growth of hair follicles. BUT! Do not use it so often. Then the opposite situation can occur and the hair will begin to fall. 

5. Add sweet pepper - just for a better red pigmentation. 

6. Mix it all. 

7. Get the juice out of the lemons. I use five lemons on 50 grams od henna. Lemons in henna guarantee that the color catches and gives your hair vitamine C.

 8. Pour the lemon juice into the bowl.

9. Then add some boiled water. But be careful. It must have consistency like porridge or toothpaste. (It is better to take a little bit at the beginning of the henna aside, if you made the ​​porridge too fluid.)

10. Add oil, one or two soup spoons. I'm adding ayurveda's oil, but any is good. Olive, coconut, castor (caution is a strong laxative - do not drink at all!) oil.  

11. Add some honey, one or two soap spoons. Honey is good for frayed and brittle hair without signs of brilliance. It also lightens hair slightly. It's good to use a good quality honey. Store-bought honey diluted with sugar does not fit. We often get honey from a family friend from a small village near Svitavy. 

12. Pour boiling water into the closed sink. Put a bowl of porridge in it so it will stay warm. Leave it there for about twenty minutes.

13. Meanwhile, prepare a towel, gloves and foil (possibly with scissors), a plastic bag or cap.

 14. Wash your hair. Please do not use a shampoo with silicones. Apply a really greasy ointment on the edges of the face and neck. I recommend the classic balm (on lips or others) from a pharmacy or vaseline on the body. Someone apply natural wax. If you don't do it, henna will flow and you will have red spots on the skin.

15. Aply mixture on your hair. And hide it under foil. 
(this picture is not mine, but I was under shower, naked, with dirty glowes, so I didn't take any pictures)

16. I also use this piece of cloth on my neck. Therefore, I will not get stained. 

 17. Layer the foil with an old towel. This mask needs warmth. So when I feel that it's kinda cold I add an winter hat.
18. And Ta - Da ! Now - you have to wait for six or nine hours with it on your head. So don't plan anything for that day. Henna is starting to regenerate after five, six hours.

You have to reckon with the fact that you can stain your clothes and dirty your bathroom. Be careful! Henna is an extremelly dye. It can't be washed off your clothes. So you have to clean all the places where it falls. Even bath.

But you can add anything what you want in this mask and mix it with henna. If you don't like that ginger shade, you can add red wine to get burgundy shades.

That's all for today. Enjoy~

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