Monday, 12 May 2014

Miss Daphne

So I have the dog named Miss Daphne (or Gremlin, Lil'Evil, Daphi, Lil'Daphi - it depends on my or her mood -___-'' ). This nine years old yorkshire terrier is my first dog and I am really fixed on her. I understand her and she understands me. We are just like twins are. So I am able to walk her without a leash. She isn't an angel, but she is always obeying me. Well... at home not at all... but outside always.

I've checked my old czech blog and found old photos of her. When she was four years old and healthy. We went for a walk in the park when it was late spring. Five years ago. I do remember it very well. Because I felt a joy, which I didn't feel for couple of years before. It was beautiful late spring day.
And that's why I want to share with you this little bit of happiness.

And this is on autumn in that same year:

And this is how she looks now. Can you see how bad looks her paw? Well... she has skin disease and and suffers from arthritis of the hind paws. But she has gotten better since our last visit to the vet. I am so glad for her. Even her paws looks much better. And daddy also takes care of her. He's often showering her how it should be.

With love~ <3

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