Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mori inspired

So here I am again. Today only a small post.
This is my model from yesterday. It is still casual. People were looking at me. Well... better to write staring. I think that they were staring more than at an goth outfit. People might just not used to seeing youngies dressed up like our grannies : D
That's also why I can't wait for the new fabrics. I'm already looking forward to conjuring up something new. And combine it with few inspirational second-hand clothes.
Today are my parents leaving our flat for a weekend in our house (it's not a cottage. It is family house in nature, in a small village). But I'm staying at home. Still have to study.

Ok... here is another part of second-hand inspiration. Lots of them are not more expensive than cca 10$ (US) or 7-8€ (EU). But there are few more expensive pieces.

Have a nice day, everybody~ <3

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