Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Room

Sooo.... It took a time, but I've decided, I'll show you my room. It is kinda small average room in... a average flat on the fifth floor. This furniture is staying with me my whole life ^.^ which is practical and functional.
I had there also two beds. But I could see only one square meter of my floor =__=' So we redesigned my room two years ago and we gave away bed for a possible visitors.

So I have green wallpapers on my walls (they are heavy textile wallpapers, so sticking the single stripe of wallpaper on the wall lasted half an hour. It took few days and I and my daddy were really tired) and black carpet. And I must say I love it.
And please, excuse that mess, I'm learning for the exams... -___-''
A love my right corner near the doors (sliding double doors). It is MY corner for relaxations, drinking tea and reading books. I can perfectly relax on sheep fur, old carpets and pillows.
Sometimes I can have a little tree there, when is Christmas time.
There are hanging shelves above fur with my dolls ~ <3 And old daddy's Teddy Bear.
My bed... I just.... like plushes ^.^
On the right above my bed hangs a wreath of wheat.
Oh... And I collect green and black butterflies and hang them on my on curtains from the black organza.
And that's all~


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