Saturday, 10 May 2014


I am really scared. Because of my graduation. I have two weeks. And I think I don't know a thing!!!! TT^TT

I have six days to learn whole History, five days for Basics of Social Sciences, two days for Literature and other three days for English and to repeat and summarizing.

Kill me, pleeeease!

I am this evening so nervous, that I can't eat. Even a chocolate. (But this nervous syndrome has one plus - I can continue in my diet plan, which include fasting ^.^ Yay! Because I've been eating like a pig, sweet and fried foods in a huge in large portions. Thus, I can't hold my weight. And it would be a shame - just because I've lost 35 kilograms.)

But I know it is all my fault... I had to start learning early (But I had to learn Math and others for written exams. *just excuses*).

Well... I have to bite the bullet and I can't slow down. Not now. And most importantly - I must also BEGIN. Wish me good luck to fulfill my plans and make everything on time. I hope to speak well in front of a jury, I mean: graduation committee.

And last night I hardly slept. Under the windows, at three in the morning, a woman started screaming. I don't know if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or simply crazy, but we had to call the police on her. She was sitting in an expensive car and turned the radio on full blast. She was screaming and yelling that we have to call the police but then she yelled that she will kill us ...

The really peaceful and welcoming night ....

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