Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trapped in laziness

As the title says, I'm traped in laziness today. I have to do so many things. And learn. But I was searching for an important list of paper whole morning.
I made such a mess T^T So I spend noon cleaning my room again. And that irony? I found it but not in my room!
Anyway - I should write that I am really looking forward to summer. I'm going to clean my old camera. Oh - and I also want to produce black-white photographs by myself. Daddy did it when he was young and we have bathroom without windows, so I can use it as a darkroom. But maybe we don't have money for materials which I will definitely need! Such a pitty....

Oh.... And I'm also saving money for this cape. I hope that nobody buy it before me. But there aren't lots of forest people in my country. And only few of them likes vintage things. I asked for an reservation. I hope that that girl, who is selling it, will be nice and wait until I will have money. Because I've been madly shopping lately -__-'' And I am somehow broke, dried =___=''
But I have lots of nice clothes~ ;3 Waaa~~

But I haven't made photos yet. Maybe later. I've also made joy to myself. I bought these nice flower pins ~~
So... have a nice day today and also tommorow and tommorow after tommorow. I'm going to learn now. And plan my future days. Fuuu~~

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