Friday, 9 May 2014

Waiting So Long

I didn't write here for a long time. But I had my reasons. Or I was just too lazy. But it doesn't matter, because nobody reads me anymore ^_^''

But I will try more. I promise to myself... Oh... well... How many promises I've already made?

Uhm... I've gotten accepted at Czech Technical University in Prague... at Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. Yay! It's pretty difficult and technical school, sooo.... I'll start in August to get into mathematics, descriptive geometry and statics. So many things to do. But first of all - - - I have to graduate.

I've also changed my style. Style of living, of thinking and style of my blog too. In these few days I've realized, I was really blind and became mori .... how to say it .... externally. Industrial, cyber goth, somehow doesn't please me. And somehow I feel I don't wanna be part of czech goth community anymore - even if I like people there (they are also reason, why I've been goth for so long).

I've always loved nature. And I was hippie girl in my puberty. Really! I really like to use or eat BIO, nature products. I dye my hair with henna for an year, maybe longer...

And then Iri showed me mori kei.
And I was like "that's it!" in my mind, even if I tried to ignore it and tried to be still goth, wear also visual kei and whole black wardrobe! But I've started to be irritated and looking for ... well .... for a light or lighter, nature colours.
Iri  laughed at me that I've became somehow softened that I've begun to be weaker. I don't blame her. We are just making fun ^.^

But few people has been asking me: "You're listening to metal and j-rock, you are posing for pro-photos in goth dress and also worshipping Othin - how can you wear mori kei?"

To make things right, I have to write this:
I do not listen ONLY metal or j-rock. I like alternatives, songwriters or pagan, celtic music and also classical music. I am pagan. But that doesn't mean I have to wear black. Everyone may be pagan. And anyway - mori kei is fashion style of Scandinavian doll, fairy.

I can listen to whatever music I want, I can wear whatevever I want and nobody from any communities should judge me.
Is that clear now?


  1. Haha...I'm not right person to laugh to you seriously.
    In last times I totally love white lol

    1. But you've always had the tendencies to love white :3 And you should, it looks cool on you ^.^


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