Monday, 16 June 2014


So here I am again! ^.^
I have lots of good news. And I've decided to write everything here, in one post... yay...! =_='
Sooo ... number one: I DID GRADUATE WITH HONORS! (on May 27th)
I wore for the graduation the red polka dot dress (from this post). And I've got peirc my belly that day as an reward. I know - it's not practical for an incoming summer, but I am determined to take. It is also important to take care of it properly. This photo has been taken day, two days after, so it's still swollen.

Number two: I've visited my grandma. She's in very good condition and we often go for long walks. We prefer nordic walk. It stretches your whole body. Really. It was great time until my class teacher phoned me and informed me about graduation ceremony.

Oh - and this is totally awesome! A gym in a forest! When a exercising person use only weight of own body. We walked around it and I just had to try it. It's incredibly fun!

 Number three: I had a speech at the ceremony secondary school leaving certificate. I cried there and my classmates too (that's why I look soo devastated on those photos!). I had to also get some flowers for the professoriate. Before the speech I was almost more nervous than during the actual graduation week before. However, my speech laughed and wept even the school choir.
I stayed at home in Prague for a while. And tried to relax as much as I could. I was also kind of creative. I made the early medieval shoes. It's nothing difficult - it's difficult to find proper leather, but but manufacture is easy. I also bought this nice horse pedant, but it falled down, to the pavement, and crashed. So this little poor thing is waiting at me at home. I'm pretty sure, I'll fix it ^.^''

Number four: Finally time to relax! I went with my daddy and Miss Daphne to the cottage... Well... It's not cottage, it's a family house. So now here I am. In a nature. And I am really glad, I can be here. :3

(hell yeah! Red wine! I'm such a drunkard! :D )


  1. Gratuluji! (^_^)
    A pěkně jsem si početla, je milé vědět, že se máš dobře :)


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