Monday, 22 September 2014

Small Holidays Post

So I was traveling whole July. I really enjoyed The Masters of Rock festival and other activities :3 <3

(My yama version .... please don't laught =___='' )

And I bought this awesome little mori straw hat~~ <3

But I wanna give this post to my sister, Anel Miku-chan : 3
I am so glad I saw her and met her after that one year separation. We really enjoyed ourselfs. We've made up so many beautiful stories. I felt like an thirteen years old girl again. She made me forget about my real stressed life. 
And playing MMOrpg games with her is REALLY fun~! It made me relaxed so much. *___*
Our trip to the Prague ZOO:

THANK YOU, sis. I love you so much :3 <3

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