Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekend with friends

Even if I have lots of work because of difficult school, I met friends dear to my heart. There was an exchange event in a little club named Knoflík (The Button).
There were lots of lolitas and other harajuku lovers. I bought lots of nice dress and I spent lovely time with close friends. I enjoyed it, even though I was quite sleepy. I am sorry I was not too entertaining... =___='''

I've got lots of gifts from Iri-chan that I feel ashamed I hadn't brought any for her. I am really sorry. I promise, I'll make something special for you <3 Thak you, honey~

So ... I wore finally whole mori outfit:

I've also got this little sweet baby:
I named him Tsuki, after one of my rpg character... green-haired character xD
That small green ball is called marimo (Cladophora ball, Lake ball, or Moss Ball in English; the japanese native names in Ainu are torasampe *lake goblin* and tokarip *lake roller*) and it is absolutely cute~!!!
More about marimo on wiki: LINK.
Oh - and I purchased a flower (that flower near Teddy Bear). It's Himalaya Callisia, Callisia repens (LINK). I hope it will survive better than the violet before (I was cruel to it, I confess - and I feel really bad because of it...TT^TT)

Oh~ And do you remember how much was I admiring the cape in this post (LINK)? Ta - da! I have it <3 And love it!

I hope, I'll write soon - but I am too busy TT^TT


PS: Iri-chan, I'm reading the book you bought me and your little message made me smile again. I hope that I will be able to repay you your care. <3


Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading :3

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