Saturday, 31 January 2015

Exams And Others

I've got lots of work lately. I don't have time for my friends, or to have a fun. And it's all because of school - exams' time.

My grandpa has got lots of problems with his health. I love my grandparents a lot. Grandpa made me love buildings and my grandma history. But to tell th truth, I don't wanna write more about it here and I will never do.

I also have that little problem, that I am lazy. I guess, I would have better grades if I was not lazy and stopped playing written rpg. But it's paradoxical, because that's what makes me calm, what makes me to not worry about things that happened, would happen and will happen.

Docent, who teaches us History of Architecture said that I have a great talent and sensitivity for the historical buildings. That I can see, what newbie cannot see so easly. He recommended me to be devoted to heritage preservation. It almost looks like he wants me to be his successor. ^__^
I've accepted without hesitation.

So... because last year's autumn wasn't so lucky for me, I'm posting old photo from Halloween now.

Also my few new favorite things ~  (clocks and case for my phablet :3 ):
(looks like I'm obsessed with time xD )

And winter theme photo at the end~ :

PS: I've gained 5 kilos! Sooo.... I have to do something about it... To feel better. (I really HATE holadays for this!) xD

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