Saturday, 31 January 2015

Late Yule/X-mas Post

I know that it's pretty late to make X-mas post, but it couldn't be helped.

This year, we had live x-mas tree, so I decided to make handmade decorations on it. My dad baked tradicional cookies. He was smehow irritated from work and baking made him relax and calmed him down. I'm always telling that men in kitchen are fabulous. Especially my daddy ^.^

He baked a lot of kinds of it - from shortbread dough, from almond dough, sugared rolls, gingerbread ... That gived me a chance to make decorations from it.

And Ta-Da! Here's the result (with decoration of straw, lace and ribbons...) I've also made that star on the top. From the woolen yarn and skewers.

I also made decorations from apples. Their cores are star-shaped and it will create dried apples - over time. Yummy.
From the rest of apples I made hot, sweet drink, version of 'sweet kiss' drink. I put apples in jug. With little bit of red rum, lot of honey and cinnamon. After that pour hot water in it. Yummy ^.^
So that's all. I hope, that lots of you, guys enjoyed holidays and feasts like me. Calmly and with fairy-tales.  <3

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