Saturday, 7 February 2015

Chinese Army On Its Way

Here I am again. Still reading me? Yaaaay~
Photo: sweet twenties, those pants are of my grandgrandfather. That fabric is quite awesome. Quality - that's what is it.

So... At first I wanna warn you,  that from today I am also using blogger as application in my phablet so I can post more often. But I am absolutely not sure, if it'll work right. So if you won't see some pictures or text, I am really sorry for this future trouble. 

Omg...that actually hasn't worked. It seems that this app just don't like my photos :(
So it's too bad. Because I don't have nerves to write in such bad apps.

Anyway... Me and Lai-chan visited The Terracotta Army Exhibition.
It was awesome afternoon.
The exhibition wasn't bad at all. But somehow I feel like I've paid only for technologies in it. I felt really uncomfortable wearing loaned headphones and listening to informations - they often didn't matched. Nobody really knew which numbers we should read first, so we've got mish-mashed informations about chinese history near 300 - 200 B.C.
And I also wanted to talk with my friend. But with headphones on ears...? And sometimes we had to wait untill that voice stopped talking, when we wanted to go to others section. Of course - for me it was kinda scary to see abberant people walking in a such silence.
But I am satisfied. I've seen what chinese makes chinese. And I hope, I will see more... once.  :3

After nice "Terracotta Meeting" I went to school for my model. It has already scared lots of people, so there's been no need to left it there any longer. Hehe...
But I've found out that my bag is too small for it. Even for the plans of that house. So I took it in my hands in this winter chilly weather. Of course I was kinda freezing, but that wasn't problem at all. The real problem has been: people. Intolerant, oblivious. I was really afraid that they will smash it, brake it. They tried to do so almost successfully. And that's the reason, why I took the model in my both hands, even if I knew that I couldn't be able to hold the handles in the underground train. And no more seats were empty.
But one guy hinted the touch on my arm and stood up even though he has been holding guitar case. He gave me his seat. I've been really grateful.
Thank you, unknow gentleman. Thank you again.
(maybe he thought I am pregnant or too old hehe...but who knows...)

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  1. Pretty normal that that app doesn't work well if it goes about pictures...sometimes even without them... =___="


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