Friday, 27 January 2017

Looking Back

Some of you might ask how was I.

It was crazy and fast. Unbelievably fast.

I left school, architecture.
And started to work.

My first work was cool. I had lots of nature there. I also illustrated  little book which is helping immobile old people in their homes.
But then I found more serious work, which cut me from nature.
I think it hurt my soul little bit. I felt like drying out. My energy. I was seller and designer. But in house without windows and although coworkers were very nice compared to other jobs, I actually suffered.
Also because of customers...

People are simply rude.

But then I've got accepted to Charles University!
So I hope I will stay in education not only as student, but also teacher.

Now is ending my first exam time... Wish me good luck.

Even when I am not in nature, I try to keep in touch with nature even when we speak about Electronic stuff.

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