Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Little Pebble

Gentle mist sneaking on the lake,
Birds singing woeful blues 
make thee feel awake.

And the waves, the calming waves,
And the little pebbles all the days
at the coast under thy shoes.

Gentle clench warming pebble
in burning manly hand
hearing birds' treble.

And the waves, the waiting waves,
And thy heart deep love saves
at the place thou stand.

Gentle throw whizzing in the air,
its singing no one hears,
would no one dare.

And the waves, the bawling waves,
And my heart for thee craves
The desire prevails tears.

Surly splatter clanging thru the water
pebble wading within dreams
heart strings turns tauter.

And the waves, the wacky waves,
And cruel distance braves,
of the sorrow reams.

Surly lands rules in our eyes tired,
far, far they seem from each
only chained and wired.

And the waves, the swashing waves,
And mirroring the dreamy caves
which pebbles slowly reach.

Kindly calms lake thy arm of boon
dived in the lake from the cry
stopping smoothly soon.

And the waves, the loving waves,
And the hug of sweet remains
Forgive me the wavy am I
for the little pebble of thy.

(This poem is mine! If you have need to copy, put link to this poem and my blog.)

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