Friday, 27 January 2017

Thomas Moore and Václav Bělohradský

Lately I really again, after long time, fell for reading books. It is fun, it is cool and it is calming soul.
I also choose quite difficult topics. However, it is very helpful in hard times. Anytime I struggle, I choose book and let all flow. Around me, in me.
And if you read really good book, you will learn how to ask and being more lucky - find answers for your questions.

Václav Bělohradský is a lot writing about society and it is very, very rare to not agree with him. However my gentle soul almost cried when he mentioned, that people at this world didn't starve because there was no food, but because the food was not for them. Because the right to have food had not been given to them.
So his works might bring us slight depression, or even madness and distraction.

If you need to calm down, if you struggle in life, having depressions, anxiety, lost someone important and other tragic occurrence, I'd definitely recommend you Thomas Moore. Although I am pagan and he is quite religious guy, I must say, that I found little piece of peace in his book:  Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals.
Seriously. Suddenly I don't feel so much weird and not useful. So when I feel way, about which he writes, anxiety and other unpleasant feelings and moods, it is actually natural for our soul. Our society just forgot to prepare us for it.

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