Friday, 27 January 2017

When Winter Comes

Lately I am feeling glad for the Mother Nature.

Because of snow.
It is for really long time since it was snowing like this. And it is somehow calming me down, that the world is under this white blanket. Which covered world on Jule and it is still here!

Thanks to this, Yule was beautiful holiday. And also thanks to that my friend sent me handmade wishing postcard! 

I like, LOVE, snow. We know, that the world didn't get so crazy.

However, don't forget to bring some food for forest animals to feeding cottages, leave seeds for birds.
Also there is, in Prague, a place at which you can leave warm coats and jackets for homeless ppl on trees. So they won't freeze. Because it is important in those times to not think just about ourselves. (I did so, I hope they will find my clothes warm and handy). But sometimes we can't help.
On my way home from exam I met a cat. She was lying on a road. Looked fluffy and cute. As resting. Her snout seemed so calming, so alive. But she had been actually frozen to death. It has shaken with me. In desperate hope she hid under a car. But frost has no mercy. And took her last breathes while she was loosing her conscious. The most sad way home.
RIP, living creature. Freya will take you to her arms for sure.

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