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Tattoos And Piercings

Ta-Da! Here I am again.

Lately I've met few people, who are having doubts about piercings and tattoos. When we speak about security. I am fan of them and have few. Therefore, I've decided to enrich the Internet about my acquired knowledge about this stuff.

First of all - in both cases you should search for known studios (in Czech verified by me are: Skinlab Tattoo, Los Keros, Hell) which assure you that everything will be clean and safe. They use high quality materials and colours.
Don't let your friends do piercings or tattoos to you unless they are REAL professionals. If they are friends, they will understand.

Difference between piercing and tattoo in pain and healing?
HUGE. It is something very different. Piercing goes much more deeper into your body. I've found out, that I can better deal with pain from tattoo than from piercing. 
There are piercings, which can heal faster than the others. Mostly at calm places - which is not stretching so much. It took me almost year to get rid of moderate infection in piercing in my belly. Although I took care of it a lot. Sometimes it wasn't pleasant and it hurt.
I was also thinking about having pierced hard upper part of ear. But I made up my mind after reading about healing and care. It is said it hurts the most (if we dismiss having pierced intimate parts of your body) and it takes long time to heal. I see healing of pierced parts of body much more longer than tattoo. Especially if you decide to have so in hot weather. Be prepared, that pierced parts might be swollen from 2 weeks to 4. Which doesn't happen with tattoo.

If we speak about tattoos, I have small one and bigger ones. I've never had problems with it. I've got my first tattoo when I worked in kitchen. The surrounding was hot and it was difficult to not let shirt to irritate it.
But it healed soon and ended well - didn't even need any corrections.
You don't feel pain after job is done so much. (not as having piercing) Someone might find unpleasant the itching when it heals.
But still - having small tattoo is less painful than if you get cut in a kitchen accidentally. And it even heals faster, because you take care of it. And it was itching only for one or two days. Honestly - in future, after two piercings, I'd prefer to be tattooed than pierced. Although the pain is longer in process of tattooing, it is not so intense and it doesn't hurt as much as pierced part of body in healing process.
My sister is also tattooed and survived the pain well. As well as my best friend Lai, who has, I think, lower pain threshold. And here I am getting to another thing I wanted to point out:

Can people with health issues (as very sensitive skin) have tattoo?
This is the most common question.
Honestly, I would say that the answer is: basically YES. Ta-da!
Of course it depends. If you skin is irritated right at the time you wanna tattoo - nope. Don't go for it. But if in general you suffer from sensitive skin you should not be afraid so much.
Because me, Lai and my sister suffer from having really sensitive skins! - Especially Lai and sis. And tattoos didn't do anything to us. My sister had often eczema, much more serious than me and she is heading for the second one.
So unless your skin is not irritated at the moment, and if your DOCTOR didn't ban tattoo to you, you can go for it no matter how your skin was.
It is said, that coloured tattoo might bring you problems, because colours as red might contain lots of allergens. However, you will prevent problems with tattoo by choosing right studio.
Every good tattooist will ask you about allergies first. And then decide if he/she is gonna create tattoo on you or no. Also if you have freckles at a place you wanna a tattoo, be prepared that professionals will not tattoo over it.
So first of all, I'd recommend you to ask your doctor. If your doctor does not prohibit you tattoos, then I wouldn't be worried. Every good studio "goes with time" and update colours and techniques to better ones and more harmless.

So in general - if someone asked me if I allow my child to get tattooed or pierced (in future, if I ever have children), I'd say yes.
BUT I would definitely wanted to know at which place would it happen, who would do it and I would tell my child to really think about which motive, because it should take some time (year, two or more) for you to decide what should be under your skin till the end of your days.

Have a nice day everyone :)


photos taken from official sites: Skinlab Tattoo and Los Keros

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