Sunday, 12 February 2017

To Live Lightly

People should leave all sh**s (I am sorry for such word) in their minds. 
To not fight over anything. It never ever solved anything.

To not get broken from past and feel hurt over and over again. No need to feel pain now - since it had been experienced in past. 
Why to suffer twice? In past and then from memories.
And what if the person hurt you didn't mean it? What if the person has been loving you deeply and never wanted to hurt anyone?
What if the person is clumsy in socialising?

Who is the victim and who is the vain?

And why to kill yourself inside?

To live lightly is to learn from past.

I never wanna fight in my life again by words. Or to hurt. In general.

I know I will.
But I will always do everything to not fight and to prevent it.

To live lightly is also to forgive.
First you need to know your own wrongs.
And forgive yourself.
Then to forgive others.

And then breathe.

And trust to life.

And not kill love.

And wake up strong. To love anyway, even if it hurts.
I better receive wounds than give.

You are only victim if you accept role of victim.
Until whole world sees you as victim.
I hate being victim.
But some people might be so hurt that they don't give up this role and better let everything in their souls get empty.

Your own world offers you to choose your role. Then I'll better be chivalrous shieldmaiden.
And soon the world will see me in my armour.


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