Thursday, 16 March 2017

Freedom? High price

For those, who are reading my blog: You know, that I've found my soulmate, which made me to mute for a while.

However, he left.

So life goes on.
(crushed, broken, doomed, done...)

I had quite health problems, because this was the worst breakup I've ever experienced.
So I also need to work hard now to make everything on time for university.

(one old photo for you, almost 1y old, found cute mori glasses! Which you can see in this POST)

So where else should mori-girl find calm than in nature?
This weekend I am heading into woods.
To Master of Forest :3

And gain birch water.

I will see how it will go and share my experience with that here :3

Meet you soon, my sweeties.

And as bonus elven sketch!! :D

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