Saturday, 18 March 2017

Having a Cold

Because I've got sick, promise birch trees' water will must wait.
I've already written what I has been using for flu. You can find it HERE. :)

Early spring rain :3
When it is raining outside and you love the Drops' Symphony so much, that you open window to just listen and relax.

I have such drawer, where I hide all old stuff which is left after my great-grandparents. Important personal lists from mid-war era, WWII and era after wars.
It has not value in money-way. It has its worth only for me any my family. :3
The book is romantic story from between-wars-era. It seems that it read not only my great-grandmothers, but also their friends and sisters. Hhhhh

Write here again soon!
Wish me good luck to get better :P

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