Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sad Text Message

This video posted my friend while ago on her FB.

I must say that this happens so often.
And to me too.
I felt this way many times. Way too much times I'd wish for. 

I am only wondering if this is happening because we, as generations of post-modern ages, started to analyse stuff much more harder.
If it's because we socialise via computers.
If it's because we are all getting selfish. Because even that girl might be selfish. Maybe he/she is not so selfish, maybe the girl sees only her feelings of loneliness and thinks that the person at the other side doesn't care.

I've found out, that I actually do not know any woman who wouldn't feel the same way.
Isn't something wrong with that?
I think that people should live more lightly. Which will help them to stay by their words. To more forgive and not just get stuck to any nonsense. People shouldn't care so heavily about what does actually not matter.
And if there is something serious, then talk about it. Normally and calmly. And not break relationship, friendship and burn bridges. 

Because this is what is to be good loved one about. To forgive people you like. To understand and not give up on someone. To have patience with them, when they struggle, although try hard.
Because at the end, there might be simple solution.
Because at the end it might not be fault of the loved one.
This is what my best friends knows.
This is why they are my best friends.

 I am not saying that such feeling is nonsense. I know by myself, how does it feel. And how does it hurt when you actually don't erase it and really send it and the other person instead of hug gets insulted, hurt, mad and angry.
And makes you feel worse by that.

And what do you think about this video?

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