Monday, 26 June 2017

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy: Skryj hlavu do dlaní

Betray, your salvation.
Like ghost in dark you stand.
Just dust
from eye is tear.
In wind exclamation.
My love's blood on my hands.
There is just cry ad fear
no betray...
from your own way.
No way to turn it back.
Is night your self-survey?
Dark shadow behind you.
Hides under scary neck.
Your steps
like wolf you do.
Your self-survey
puts tears back.

Know, I'm the one
Who cries
when the darkness comes.
I'm the cry
and voice of crows.
Know, I'm a fear
hiding badly in my eyes.
I am you
and that you know.

Disclaimed by the fate.
Carried by the pain.
Your cry is scream
of raven.
Shelved by everyone.
In fever you still run.
A faith is just a damn.
I know that...
Chill under your skin
you feel.
by your own grief
torture and despair.
Born again all the time.
Hearing the cry of mine.
through the night.
You know that. A bad sign.

Your life is your pain.
No hope you will gain.
Dire sins you retain.
Hide your head
into hands.
Your life never ends.
What you have.
He all takes.
No way back...
through the dark.
You've born
from the Moon.
Your fingers like a dart.
Surrounded by solitude.
freezing soil
where you stood.
Hear the sound
of cooling snow.
Your self-survey.
The tale you know.

Hiding when going on.
Into hands all my throe.
Crawling just on my own.
In your hands
I'm calming sore.

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